NEW Email Marketing Suite Pixi Mail – For 2017

NEW Email Marketing Suite Pixi Mail – For 2017

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Here it is the fresh looking email marketing suite you have been waiting for “Pixi Mail” by Depixion, it may come as a surprise that we put NEW in the title, as many of our clients have been using our email suite for a while now.

Well thats because, we have overhauled the design, functionality, even the dashboard has had many improvements to make our email marketing suite the best on the market.

Watch the short video to explain the system and what you can do with it, then read on for more details on why you should sign up for free.

So why use email marketing?

In todays age, everyone is online whether its a website, social media or blogging. Email Marketing is still a very useful marketing channel, if you run an e-commerce website and you have hundreds of customers, how do you tell them about new products or special offers? a simple newsletter is the best way, and a great looking email will attract customers to visit your shop and purchase more goods.

Another great way to gain more exposure is to gain subscribers through your website or blog, once you tot up your email list you can keep your audience up to date with your company news, services or anything that you want your client / customer base to know whats new.

So what can our platform offer?

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Its a great way to identify what type of newsletter appeals to your customers, send two emails or more out with different subject titles, images, call-outs or content. Our platform will send out the various different newsletters to a set amount of recipients and whichever performs the best will be automatically chosen as the winning newsletter to then send out to the rest of your email list. Pretty awesome ain’t it.

email templates

Ready made templates

Not everyone has the skill or time to create a newsletter from scratch, so thats why we included the use of newsletter templates in the suite where you can select from hundreds of useful templates and layouts to suit your style of marketing. Once you select a template, you simply replace content and images, and style it in your brands colours. It really is that easy to start marketing right away.

email designer

Drag & Drop Editor

We wanted to make sure that everyone who uses our platform can design a great looking newsletter right from the off, with advancements in website technology its easy to get carried away, so we created a simple and easy to use drag and drop designer. Create emails on the fly within minutes and not hours, giving you more time for other business.

There is so much it can do including:

Schedule campaigns

Create auto responders

Create signup forms

Campaign stats

Export reports

Import existing lists


No obligation to upgrade, use entirely free for up to 1000 contacts.



Like to send us a little email and say hello, do you have a question or like to know more about what we can do for you. Then please fill in the form below and we will get back in touch with you so you can speak with a designer.

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